Featured Artist, February 2016, Emma Lujan

emmaarticle emmaspots emmapotscottEmma Lujan is our featured artist for the month of February.  Be sure to come in to see her fabulous work.  Emma, as noted in the article above from La Voz de Mora, is a Mora native who has returned to the valley and is producing an amazing array of wonderful pottery.  There will be an artist reception at the Gallery on February 27th from 2-4.  Come in beforehand to fill out a ticket for a chance to win one of her lovely pots.  She has an ongoing sale of lovely mugs through February, also.

Innocents Abroad

It’s been a while since we’ve added to this blog.  Time to get it out, shake off the cobwebs, dust it off and start using it again.  Summer has been busy and fun at the gallery, and we’ll add more general news soon, but now, we’re celebrating the fact that two of our members are going be in shows out of state.

First off, our own Duffy Peterson will be having a one woman show in Dalhart, Texas at the XIT Museum.  The reception will be at 7pm on October 7th at the Museum for any of you gentle readers who will be in the area at the time.

Here’s a small sampling of the works she’ll be showing:

duffy6 duffy5 duffy4 duffy1 duffy2 duffy3

Next, our award winning Cherokee/Choctaw artist, Jerry Ingram will be showing at the Cherokee Art Market on October 10th and 11th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK.  Jerry is well known in Indian art circles for his beadwork as well as his painting and sculpture.  He took a 2nd place at Indian Market in Santa Fe this year for his horse mask regalia set.

He can be seen working on his beadwork or parfleche painting at El Zocalo from time to time, and unless he’s out a show, we usually have a moderate amount of his work for sale at the gallery.  Here’s a small sampling of his work:

horse-mask2 jerrybloodpriest jerrybrothers jerrymocs JerryPaintBag3 jerryquillshirt

So that’s our little town’s artist co-op claim to fame for this month!  Hope to see you all in the gallery.

Workshop Schedule

Todd Christensen’s workshop on book binding is rescheduled for Saturday, August 30th. Come in to the gallery for more information and to sign up for this unique workshop.
upcoming workshops:

August 30th, Todd Christensen: Book Binding, 10-3
September 6th, Fran Ryan: Watercolor, 10-3
September 20, Sally Ingram: Diagonal Weave Beadwork, 10-3
November 1, Sarah Frazier: Peyote Stitch Beadwork, 9-3

Rainy “Grand Opening” Party

Despite a thunderous beginning, the party on the 19th was a lovely affair. Live music was provided by Chuck and the boys with an impromptu addition of Steve on the spoons. We were visited by numerous old and new friends and had tasty treats in our spacious back room. Thanks to all who made it possible, from the setup and cleanup crew to the many kind and interested patrons, and special thanks to our talented musicians. As far as this writer could tell, a great time was had by all!fran





Todd Christensen as Master of Ceremonies in one of Sally's fancy hats.
Todd Christensen as Master of Ceremonies in one of Sally’s fancy hats.

Get ready for workshops at El Zócalo

We’ll be offering a series of art workshops, beginning July 26, with Meredith Britt’s workshop: “Drawing and Seeing”. Meredith’s workshop will run on Saturday July 26th from 9 AM to 12 Noon at the gallery. Come on in or call the gallery at 454-9904 for information. Flyers are coming out with the schedule and sign-up/price information.Workshop sizes are limited, so sign up early!merdrawing

Settling in nicely at 1809 Plaza


The move is finished, but there are still a few lingering pictures of the valiant movers and shakers. I never thought we’d get the jewelry cases from 212 up to 1809 in one piece, but thanks to the fantastic dolly that Steve built and the work of Steve, Pete, Jake, et al, they all got moved and installed without a chip!

Countless paintings and fragile pottery and small works of art were moved by hand, up the block in little hand carts, garden carts, boxes and bags, with few problems!
The grand opening party is projected for mid-July, but we’re open for business now and have many plans in the works. We’re hoping to have a series of workshops on various arts, techniques and projects in the coming months, so keep an ear and eye open for the announcements!
We’re all loving our new, spacious venue, and hope to be able to serve up more local art than ever!

1809 Plaza!


Meredith Britt, one of the brilliant El Zócalo artists has captured the beauty and spirit of our new location in her latest collage! The move is finished, all except final tweaks and polishes, and we’re open for business! Come in and check out our roomy new gallery!


And the Move is ON!


If you’re on the Plaza in Las Vegas this weekend you may see a small army of mature artists driving, walking and schlepping various items from 212 to 1809 Plaza. The sweet little old homey gallery is officially closed and we’ll be working hard to move all of our art, pottery, jewelry, hand made furniture, bead and leatherwork, big heavy cases, etc. up the street to the new more ‘gallery like’ digs. Anyone who’d like to lend a hand is welcome to volunteer. There will be a free moving days dinner served up by the talented Fran Ryan on Saturday evening.
Note the fantastic job Rudy Lovato did on our window lettering!