And the Move is ON!


If you’re on the Plaza in Las Vegas this weekend you may see a small army of mature artists driving, walking and schlepping various items from 212 to 1809 Plaza. The sweet little old homey gallery is officially closed and we’ll be working hard to move all of our art, pottery, jewelry, hand made furniture, bead and leatherwork, big heavy cases, etc. up the street to the new more ‘gallery like’ digs. Anyone who’d like to lend a hand is welcome to volunteer. There will be a free moving days dinner served up by the talented Fran Ryan on Saturday evening.
Note the fantastic job Rudy Lovato did on our window lettering!



Movin’ On UP!!!

Starting Friday, the El Z crew will be finishing the packing and starting the moving process to 1809 Plaza. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to come and join in the mayhem (uh, I mean FUN!!!). Many hands have been busy prepping the new gallery, from Kathy and Sandi doing the floors to Pete and Ray working hard on the scaffolding, Jerry, Meredith, Sarah, Chris, Duffy and many more, we’re getting the work done and are ready for the final big push. Projected opening day will be June 2nd!




Wonderful News


The gallery will be relocating to 1809 Plaza (the Veeder building) at the end of May with a projected opening of our new space by June 2nd. It is with some sadness that we leave our old digs but we’re excited by the possibilities of the new space, which is much more ‘gallery’ like and we hope to have room for lots of art as well as the possibility of teaching classes in our various art forms.

Sneak Peek of Sally and Jerry Ingram’s show

Sally and Jerry were in the gallery today, setting up their work for the featured artist show coming next Saturday, May 10th. Here is a sneak preview of some of the fabulous work you’ll see when you come in to the gallery:


Here’s a shot of Jerry hanging some sashes, done in Woodland and Eastern Tribes style.


On this wall you’ll see lances, knife sheaths, beaded and embellished war shirts, an authentic hand stitched leather coat, embellished with quillwork.



The two pictures above show some of Sally’s amazing diagonal weave beadwork, colorwork knitting, bead embroidery and other fine pieces.


Mr. Woodenhead models a full outfit including headdress and moccasins.