Settling in nicely at 1809 Plaza


The move is finished, but there are still a few lingering pictures of the valiant movers and shakers. I never thought we’d get the jewelry cases from 212 up to 1809 in one piece, but thanks to the fantastic dolly that Steve built and the work of Steve, Pete, Jake, et al, they all got moved and installed without a chip!

Countless paintings and fragile pottery and small works of art were moved by hand, up the block in little hand carts, garden carts, boxes and bags, with few problems!
The grand opening party is projected for mid-July, but we’re open for business now and have many plans in the works. We’re hoping to have a series of workshops on various arts, techniques and projects in the coming months, so keep an ear and eye open for the announcements!
We’re all loving our new, spacious venue, and hope to be able to serve up more local art than ever!

1809 Plaza!


Meredith Britt, one of the brilliant El Zócalo artists has captured the beauty and spirit of our new location in her latest collage! The move is finished, all except final tweaks and polishes, and we’re open for business! Come in and check out our roomy new gallery!