Sneak Peek of Sally and Jerry Ingram’s show

Sally and Jerry were in the gallery today, setting up their work for the featured artist show coming next Saturday, May 10th. Here is a sneak preview of some of the fabulous work you’ll see when you come in to the gallery:


Here’s a shot of Jerry hanging some sashes, done in Woodland and Eastern Tribes style.


On this wall you’ll see lances, knife sheaths, beaded and embellished war shirts, an authentic hand stitched leather coat, embellished with quillwork.



The two pictures above show some of Sally’s amazing diagonal weave beadwork, colorwork knitting, bead embroidery and other fine pieces.


Mr. Woodenhead models a full outfit including headdress and moccasins.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Sally and Jerry Ingram’s show”

  1. Wish I could attend the show but I can’t as I’m in CA. Hope to see Sally in Oct. at the Chile Festival.


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